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The United States Post Office has started a great new way of helping Treasure Our Troops. You can get FREE shipping boxes. They are 12x12x5 1/2 inches. Not real big, but you can pack a lot of stuff in these. They are flat rate shipping. Meaning it will always be $11.95 (unless changed in the future) and no surprises in the shipping cost. These special boxes are APO/FPO boxes. And they have a special message on the outside of the box by the USPS, "America Supports You". You can order these boxes through the USPS website. FREE of charge. They even ship them to your door FREE of charge. You choose how many boxes you want (10 - 25) and then how many cases of each.


Thanks USPS for helping cut costs in small ways and enabling us to do even more for our Troops.


Order Boxes Here

 Because you are shipping out of the United States you will need to fill out a custom form. It tells what is in the box. When filling this out, be simple and to the point. If you are sending Canned Spam, Cookies, Tooth brush, paper and lots of snack the best way to 'declare' what you have is to put.

Canned Meat





This will cover any and all things you send. You do not have to indivually fill in each item. Least so far you don't have to.

Order Custom Forms Here


In the Merced Area? Go to Mail Boxes West on G Street. David will be very happy to help you with any and all of your needs. MBW has been a really great supporter of Treasure Our Troops.


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