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Treasure Our Troops began in January of 2009 when Spc. Thomas R. Baldwin Jr. and Pfc. Matthew W. Wilson (Brother-in-law's) deployed to Afghanistan. Their family started shipping them care packages right away. This was nothing new to the family, they had done this in previous wars for family who were deployed, friends and even adopting soldiers through other organizations. Soon after they started shipping the packages they found out that quite a few of the soldiers there were not receiving care packages from home. In fact Thomas and Matthew were sharing their packages with other soldiers as well. The family decided we could do better than that. So we began the task of shipping to as many of them as we could. In fact, we took on the whole Outlaw Platoon from Fort Drum, New York. Which was Thomas and Matthew's Platoon. We shipped packages on the first of each month, stretching finances as far as we could to be able to send to as many of them as possible. Finally we realized that others should be able to share in the sheer joy of packing a package and shipping it to a United States Hero.

We put together this small grass roots organization and gave it the title of Treasure Our Troops. Because we do! Reaching out to our local Church, "This Ain't Your Mama's Church" out of Merced, California, they began to donate items for our packages. Finances, volunteering time and much more. Sons of Thunder CMC out of Merced, California also helped us out by creating an event that happens each year, "Rally Behind Our Troops" where care package items were brought in and funds were raised to ship them.


Sadly, tragedy struck our hearts and home when on June 1, 2009 Pfc. Matthew W. Wilson along with three other brave men (Staff Sgt. Jeffrey A. Hall, Sgt. Jasper K. Obakrairur and Spc. Matthew D. Ogden) were killed in an IED attack. Instead of freezing in our grief, we took all we had left to give and decided devote it all to Treasure Our Troops.



Spc. Thomas R. Baldwin Jr. and Pfc. Matthew W. Wilson are the nephews of Melody Coates, the President of Treasure Our Troops.



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