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The Cindy Davidson PBJ Drive PDF Print E-mail

Our friend Cindy Davidson donated jelly jars for us to fill with homemade jelly for the troops. That started us thinking about sending them peanut butter to go with the jelly and the small loaves of cocktail bread so they can make PBJ's while they are in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can buy the small containers of peanut butter and send the four ounce jars of jelly so that they can have a taste of home. Our next thought was to have a drive to get as many jelly jars as we can to fill as many boxes as possible.

Then we thought why not make a contest out of it. There is a wonderful website that sells the four ounce jars for $8.49 per dozen. Shipping is extremely reasonable too, but if you want donate the cost of two cases of jars ($16.98) we will take the donated money to buy the jars and pay for the shipping ourselves. For every two cases or the cost of two cases donated the person's name will go into a drawing to win ten jars of jelly of your choice.

If you want to ship the jars to us the address is
Treasure Our Troops
35 West 19th Street
Merced, CA 95340

The jars must be received by May 1 and the winner will be announced May 4th at 5:00 pm pacific time. Then the jelly making shall commence. A group of us will be gathering in California the first part of May and making as many flavors of jelly as we can. Then the jelly and peanut butter will be added to the boxes being shipped after our major rally in Merced, California on July 16th.

Let our troops know you care and join our Cindy Davidson PBJ Drive For The Troops!

Our thanks to Cindy for the great idea. Now we just need to make it a reality.


Order the jars here

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