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Welcome! Take a look around and get involved with what Treasure Our Troops is doing for our soldiers who are deployed. Please check back often to see our progress. We are working daily on the site to get all information available. In the mean time, there are some great things going on. Check our Events Calendar and see if there is a fundraiser event going on in your area.

Click here to submit your Name/Soldiers name to get Christmas boxes                             

Click here if you would like to adopt a soldier


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If you are not in a place where you are able to donate money or send care packages. There are other ways you can help out. Making sure Moneygram locations to keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers is a great way to contribute. Spreading the word about is another way. And sending letters to our troops is also a way to let them know you care without a lot of added expense to your budget. All of our soldiers would love to just get a letter from home. We ask that you write the soldier you get every week so that he or she gets at least one piece of mail per week coming from home.


If you are interested in writing a soldier. Please go here and fill out the form. Specify that you would like to be a pen pal. You'll get a confirmation email right away and within 24 hours someone will contact you with a soldiers name and address.

If you do not have the time to write to our troops, but would like to provide stamps for some one who does have the time, please use the donation button below and mark it Stamps! And that is what it will be used for.





Thank you for helping Treasure Our Troops

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